Long overdue update.
Wednesday August 24th 2005, 3:08 pm
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Ok, I’ve been away for a while. Here’s a brief recap:
1. July 18th-20th: Kristine and I went to the lake with some friends from Church. We want to Lake Mojave, which was really amazing. I got to do all the typical lake-activities (Jet-Ski’s, swimming, Wakeboarding, etc.). It was a much needed break from work and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Here’s what else was great about the vacation: It was dirt cheap! We stayed at the Flamingo Hilton for our three day jaunt and it was only $20 a night! The only bad thing about the trip was the temperature, it averaged to 120 degrees every day. But despite the heat, we had a great time, and we were near the water besides.

2. July 30th-Aug 1st: Kristine and I’s anniversary weekend. This weekend took quite a bit of planning, but it was well worth it because we had a lot of fun. We spent the weekend up in Santa Barbara. The mini-vacation was spent in the Cheshire Cat Inn , we had stayed there the year before, on the trip where I had proposed to Kristine. This time I pitched in for the upgraded room so it was much nicer. Lots of great food and eats (Downey’s was the highlight). I highly recommend going to the Botanical Gardens, there is a cornucopia of flora to behold there (hehe). Oh yeah, the part of the trip that was forgettable was Solvang. Solvang is a little Dansh town north of Santa Barbara… without the novelty of being a little Danish town. It was thoroughly boring, the only redeeming thing in the town was the “As Seen on TV“ store.

3. Aug 3rd-13th: This was the big cap-off to Kristine and I’s vacation bonanza. Kristine, my in-laws, and myself went on a 10 day cruise to Hawaii. The whole thing was surprisingly cheap, the food was palatable, and we had lots of fun all in all. I wish I had a web-space to post pictures of the vacation because it was exceedingly beautiful. I’ll give you a summary of Hawaii in the next post….

Needless to say, I am back for a while (I’ve used up my vacation time). I miss teaching, when going on vacation carried no penalty (I had lots of work + emails waiting for me when I got back). Yay work!

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