Tuesday May 10th 2005, 9:23 am
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Right now, I’m typing on an iBook with a 30gig Harddrive (puny by 2005 standards). I am connnected via ethernet to a T1 connection and I am using an optical mouse to navigate across a 1024×768, 16million color screen.

Flash back to the 8th grade (1991), I’m sitting in front of my Dad’s 386sx computer, the computer has two Harddrives, whose combined capacity is 80megabytes. My two floppy drives (3.5“ & 5.25”) fire off consecutively, signaling the beginning of the boot process. As my computer starts up, I revel in the knowledge that I have the newest Operating System available (Dos 6.1).

Like a shaolin monk who has learned both the Crane stance and the Tiger stance, I have mastered both Autoexec.bat and config.sys. At school, bullies have always been a plague of my formative years; at home, my nemesis is “Conventional Memory“.

With most of my drivers loaded into Extended Memory, even the most intense game can run on my 4Megs of RAM ($40/megabyte). A quick ”DIR“ keystroke reveals that I have plenty of Harddrive space left due to my zeal in using PKZIP.

I haven’t even opened up a game yet and I’m already having fun.

Sometimes I take for granted that I was around during the start of the Personal Computer boom. I remember playing my first adventure game (Space Quest II) in CGA on my Dad’s IBM PS/2.
Today, it seems like the advances in computing technology have leveled off; today it seems like computer manufacturers are less concerned with new innovations and more concerned with raw speed. I’m just happy that I was around to witness milestones like VGA, USB and the Mouse…

Ahh.. nerdy bliss….

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