Tuesday June 24th 2008, 11:35 am
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So last night Kristine discovered that a stick-pen had exploded on our nice dining room table. An ink stain on this table would be a horrible thing since it was given to us by Kristine’s Grandmother who has had it since she lived in Taiwan. I tried to wet a cloth and wipe the ink off but I only succeeded in smearing the ink around, making the stain larger. I feared that things would only get worse if I blindly attacked this problem so I turned to Google for help. Here I learned that toothpaste on a damp cloth can remove ink stains from wood. Skeptical, I grabbed our tube of Crest Whitening and a wet paper towel and scrubbed away. Five minutes later, no stain! The miracles of modern technology! Er.. maybe not modern (I think toothpaste’s first documented use was in the 4th Century by the Egyptians). Disater averted.

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