Wednesday April 23rd 2008, 5:40 pm
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Isabel and I went to go buy some milk at the store, on the way back we went by the park for 15 minutes or so. In this picture, I exposed for the sky and used a flash (to the right of the camera) to light Isabel. It’s not the cutest picture of Isabel but I think it’s technically pretty good.

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TECHNICALLY, this photo breaks the rule of thirds…. but i likey alot alot. How about you take all my pictures for my photo class and then i might actually get a decent grade in a class!

Comment by logan 04.24.08 @ 6:18 pm

Hey! Photo class, cool! Rule of thirds is great, but not always necessary for a good photograph.

Comment by Administrator 04.24.08 @ 8:39 pm

Well, this certainly settles it. You all are moving to Washington DC to be near us so that you can take cute pictures of our family too with your awesome camera and great eye for shots! Besides, Noah & Isabel & Caleb & Ellie Pi (or maybe Ellie Ln?) all have to meet and play together!

Comment by Amy Tsai 05.06.08 @ 8:32 pm