Monday September 17th 2007, 8:50 am
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Most of you already know this about me, for those who don’t, I am a pretty big photography buff. There are many positives of this hobby; here are a few that I can think of:

  1. Memories that will last a lifetime (pause to wipe tear from face).
  2. Expression of creativity.
  3. Knowing the components of a good photograph allows me to better appreciate other individuals’ work as well.
  4. The excitement of seeking out a great shot.
  5. Seeing the world through a photographer’s eye is fun (I sub-conciously assess/compose interesting scenes while walking around).
  6. There is always something new to learn in Photography, it’s great to know that I can always improve my skills.

Now for the not-so-nice side of my hobby:

  1. Kristine looks like a single-parent because I’m always the one behind the camera.
  2. The combination of toting an expensive camera/lens with my less-than-musculed body are equivalent to tacking a ‘pummel-me-then-steal-my-stuff’ sign on my back.
  3. Purchasing camera equipment is a schizophrenic endeavour. I waver from being content with the camera equipment that I have to constantly yearning for bigger-better (and definitely more expensive) gear. Here is my rationale: “If I just buy this one piece of equipment then my pictures will be exponentially more awesome”.
  4. Becoming the court-photographer for any affair that I attend (e.g., excuse me young-sir, might you be able to use that mystical-imaging-device to capture a picture of myself and Milady?
  5. Seeing the world through a photographer’s eye is a curse (I find myself loathing beautiful/sunny days because it isn’t ideal for photography). The converse of this is that I love it when it’s cloudy outside.
  6. I am my own worst critic; I rarely like any picture that I take because I am constantly comparing myself to more experience/better photographers (you want to capture moments like James Nachtwey? More like James No-Way).

Don’t get me wrong, I love photography; even though the list of negatives is longer, photography is a mainstay on a constanly shrinking list of diversions (RIP: drawing, painting, piano, mountain-biking, web-design, reading, mixing). The other reason why I always seem to find time for photography is that it is one of the few things that bridge the generation-gap between my Dad and myself (pause to recover from uncontrollable nostalgic sobbing). My dad was the first person to introduce me to photography; he bought me my first film SLR while I was in High School. This prompted me to take Photography in 11th grade where I learned the nuts and bolts of snapping pictures. Whenever we hang out, we invariably talk about taking pictures or the gear that we have. Some guys talk about sports with their Dads, I guess this is our football. To summarize, take pictures because it will make your spouse seem like a single parent and bring you closer to your Dad.

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Brandon’s either the single parent, or my children are orphans. I need to realize that Brandon probably is competent enough to use the camera. :-) Great post!

Comment by Courtney 09.17.07 @ 9:05 pm

I hate that I had to write pwned to comment… but on to the actual comment; I enjoyed the insight into Ben Ho- are you going to want to upgrade your camera before our trip?

Comment by laura 09.17.07 @ 9:20 pm

@ Courtney: Yah, Kristine is definitely competent enough to wield the camera too, I just need to let go.

@Laura: Haha, that comment pwned you.

Comment by benho 09.17.07 @ 9:51 pm