Monday August 06th 2007, 2:09 pm
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(3:03:37 PM) Kristine Ho: you need to sleep early tonight
(3:04:10 PM) Ben Ho: okie
(3:04:13 PM) Ben Ho: u too
(3:04:15 PM) Ben Ho: no partying
(3:04:19 PM) Ben Ho: i know you will tho
(3:04:24 PM) Kristine Ho: no partying
(3:04:28 PM) Kristine Ho: i need to work out tonight
(3:04:37 PM) Kristine Ho: and prepare for my round table presentatino
(3:04:38 PM) Ben Ho: “Hey K Dawg, puh harrr tay!”
(3:04:51 PM) Ben Ho: and you’ll be like “You know eet!”
(3:04:58 PM) Kristine Ho: your wierd
(3:05:14 PM) Ben Ho: no
(3:21:34 PM) Kristine Ho: ya
(3:22:39 PM) Ben Ho: no

I love my wife

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hmm. sounds like you like playing mind games. Poor Kristine. I think illie can relate :)

Comment by robin 08.06.07 @ 6:13 pm


Comment by Courtney 08.06.07 @ 8:41 pm

Wow, I know which side you guys are on!

Comment by BenHo 08.07.07 @ 7:39 am

wives unite ; )

Comment by Jenny 08.07.07 @ 2:44 pm