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Friday March 02nd 2007, 7:23 am
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For the past 3-4 months I have been listening to a Chinese Language program to and from work everyday. On many occasion I find myself wondering why I am trying to do something as frustrating as learning a language while in downtown LA traffic. Just call me Ben de Sade. But these frustrations have not been without their triumphs. I am currently at the intermediate level of this language course (this means that I can order beer and wine in Chinese).

Last night we had dinner with My Dad and his friend’s daughter, who speaks little English. It was nice being able to understand 25% of what she was saying (I’m not being sarcastic, I’ll take whatever I can get). In addition to that I was able to ask her rudimentary questions like, “Do you want to eat American or Chinese food?” and “What makes you think you’re better than me?”. Just kidding, I didn’t ask the first question.

Going through this course makes me wish that I paid more attention while in Chinese School (my parents enrolled me when I was in Elementary School and I went until the end of Middle School). Instead of going to class, I’d go across the street to read comic books and play arcade games. But on the upside, I’m really good at arcade games now (are you listening Brandon my arch-nemesis?).

After this course I have the advanced course to complete and then I can begin my training as a Chinese Government mole. I did a Google Image Search for Chinese Mole and this is what turned up.

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You make me laugh, Ben! Congrats on your newest language acquisition. I need those tapes in Spanish. And I’m sure Kristine is appreciative of you not posting the Chinese mole image. :-)

Comment by Courtney 03.02.07 @ 9:59 am

And, you already knew the Chinese word for Fart. That, my friend, is very important. Yes, thank you thank you for not posting that photo. EWWW.

Comment by Jenny 03.02.07 @ 10:49 am