Sunday October 22nd 2006, 9:03 pm
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I absolutely love For those of you who don’t know, it is sort-of a community bulletin board that you can use to find jobs/consumer goods/relationships/apartments etc. When I first used Craigslist in 2000, I used it to get a job and find an apartment in San Francisco. Here are some of the other areas that Craigslist has provided service to me:

    1. Used it to recruit staff members for my old job
    2. Sold Kristine’s Powerbook (RIP)
    3. Bought Isabel’s Changing Table
    4. Bought Isabel’s Ragazzi Crib (for a steal I might add)
    5. Bought Isabel’s Jogging stroller (it has shocks..lucky)
    6. Provided x amount of hours of diversion while at work (ahem.. not my current work)
    7. Bought a used copy of the New Super Mario Bros. game for DS (yes)
    8. Got cut-rate gall bladder surgery (no pun intended) j/k

Both Kristine and I have used Craigslist for manymany things. You might be wondering why I just don’t use eBay? Because of scale.. eBay is too big and scary for a country-boy like me. I like the fact that most things bought and sold on Craigslist are “local pickup only” and only accept cash. Craigslist still feels like the bulletin-board hanging in the dorm of my university. So in conclusion, if you haven’t used Craiglist yet for purchase/sale, I highly suggest it.

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