Wednesday September 06th 2006, 10:05 am
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Today it was announced that Apple will be selling a newer (bigger) iMac computer. This computer will sport a honkin’ 24″ monitor. The release of this computer made me think of the size of the monitors that I grew up with. My dad’s IBM PS/2 had a puny 12″ monitor and my first computer had a 15″ monitor. Now at our home we have two laptops with 12″ screens and two 17″ monitors.

Technology adoption is at such a feverish pace that the moment something comes out, it becomes pervasive in nearly all areas of life. Think about how many LCD screens you see today versus 3 years ago. Today, most grocery stores have LCD’s in their checkout counters and Walmart is purportedly going to add LCD’s to their shopping carts (to pacify kids).

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