Friday May 26th 2006, 8:45 pm
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My dad came up tonight. He brought his super-cool new lens. Yup.. that makes three super-cool pro-lenses that he has. Nope, not bitter. We all went to Claim Jumper for dinner; the funny (or not so funny) thing about tonight’s dinner was that all of us didn’t get what we ordered (too complicated to explain). Anywho, it was good seeing my dad and I’m glad he was able to see Isabel and Kristine.

Oh yah, notice in the picture how nicely everything is lit! That’s because my super-cool coworker Shari donated her Canon flash to the “Help-a-Broke-Geek” fund! Thanks Shari!

Oh yah, when we were all at dinner, I realized how different things were. Whatever.

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