Tuesday May 16th 2006, 6:35 am
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I don’t know when Apple announced this, but I’m really excited about the new Macbook (the successor to the iBook). I’m on my second iBook (G4 800Mhz), my first was the G3 500Mhz iBook. I’ve had great experiences with both of my iBooks, my G4 iBook is still chugging away nicely. I really did think that I could subsist on my current laptop until I read the specs for the new iBook. I’ll let you read the details about it on the Apple site but the primary reason why I want it is the increased speed (it’s over 5x faster them my current iBook). I am typically a late-adopter of technology (I got my iBooks used approximately 1 year after their initial release date) and can’t wait for these guys to show up on the refurbished section of the Apple site.

Okay, enough geekery, must rejoin the living.

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